Lawns – Relay or Build from Scratch

Lawns – relay or build from scratch.

Chances are if you feel that your lawn needs relaying there is something more fundamentally wrong beneath the surface of your lawn.

A lack of sunlight or soil drainage are typically problems which will not be cured by simply relaying a new lawn. Warwick New Gardens will investigate the source of your lawn problem and then following discussion with yourself we can implement a programme to fix any issues and then lay a new lawn. Think of your lawn as a very large plant.

The ground needs to be carefully prepared before the lawn is laid. One of the lawns replaced below had been laid on top of the old existing lawn! Little wonder that it had not taken. Warwick New Gardens only used carefully sourced local turf which has been chosen because it suits the clay soil found in Warwickshire.   If you want a beautiful lawn to truly set off your garden please contact Warwick New Gardens for a discussion of the options.