Repairing Patios

To the casual observer there looks very little to laying a patio: –

  • Clear some ground
  • Put down some slabs
  • Add the pointing

– Job done. Unfortunately there is more to laying a patio which will last the test of time.

  • First consideration is where is the water going to go?
  • Foundations
  • Material

Finishing – in addition to pointing many patio surfaces can benefit enormously from being sealed as many frequently used patio slabs are porous and to avoid marks can benefit from being sealed prior to use.

In this project at Kenilworth the pointing was lose or had broken away the paving stones which had not been down long, many were uneven and needed lifting and relaying correctly, to create a level surface.

When the job was finished the customer was delighted, a shame they had not used Warwick New Gardens first time round!